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TeamWorx Property Services Ltd operates in Cyprus, marketing exclusive properties on behalf of many Cyprus’s developers and
owners to investors and private buyers, and providing a premium range of real estate services. The company works
with a strategically selected group of specialist associates, to offer clients innovative marketing solutions, together with creative
design and product-sourcing options. TeamWorx is the pioneer company in Cyprus, offering the most extensive
selection of complementary services.


What We Do

We offer a broad spectrum of specialist services to property investors, private and commercial property buyers, real estate
developers, existing owners and property managers. The company delivers an almost endless variety of solutions tailored to the specific
needs and demands of clients. Our main competences are our expertise in the real estate market and the strengths of our strategic
partners. Clients can be reassured that they will be presented with solutions to match their unique requirements, and assistance in
selecting the most satisfactory and appropriate option.



Teamwork is the core ingredient in our business philosophy; the harmonious bond between our clients, our associates, and
ourselves. Teamwork is the backbone of our company that allows us to respond more effectively and efficiently to the individual needs
of our clients, and helps steer us onwards and upwards. Our dedicated team is driven by enthusiasm, passion and determination.

We see ourselves as forward thinking and able to adapt to the dynamics of market trends and the business environment. We have a flair
for understanding and accurately interpreting client needs, and fulfilling those needs.

High ethical standards underpin all we do. We understand that through displaying honesty, fairness and integrity, we will win the trust
and loyalty of our clients.


Business Aims

Our primary aim is to become the leading property services provider in Cyprus.
– We will attract overseas investors into the Cyprus real estate market.
– We will maximise the potential of our core strengths to grow and diversify the business into more areas.
– We will ensure our business success and profitability by building a reputation for excellence that will bring repeat business and recommendations.


Our Strengths

We offer professional and exclusive services that go above and beyond client expectations.
– Our services are qualitative, efficient, time-saving and cost-effective.
– We present a hassle-free solution to clients seeking high levels of specialist real estate services.
– We are the single source for premium-quality functional or decorative home furnishings and equipment, and building products.


Business Concept

The business concept is to deliver personalised solutions for clients according to their specific requirements by providing a range of
quality services – delivering the highest standards of excellence and levels of client satisfaction. The services we provide are as followed:

Real Estate
Architectural Drawing and Consulting Services
3D Design Services
Virtual Tours
Graphic Design and Advertising
Project Management
Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)
Selective Products

Our Business Differentiation

We are simply different in what we do! We think and act beyond the box. We constantly improve and enrich our capabilities
with innovative and new techniques, and our team keeps growing to better serve an increasingly diverse and discerning
list of clients. Our company’s values and our passion and determination are what distinguish us. Our success is based on the harmonious
collaboration and synergy of our team.


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